Embracing Nature and Creativity: The Healing Power of Art Therapy for NDIS Participants


In the serene surroundings of North Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah), at the edge near North Gorge Walk, an inspiring scene unfolds. An NDIS participant, brush in hand, paints the breathtaking landscape. This moment captures more than just an artistic endeavor; it embodies the essence of healing and empowerment that art therapy offers, especially to individuals with disabilities.

The Healing Touch of Art:

Art therapy, as research consistently shows, is more than just a creative outlet; it’s a gateway to emotional, psychological, and even physical well-being. A study in The Arts in Psychotherapy journal reveals that engaging in art activities reduces stress levels and promotes mental relaxation (Smith et al., 2018). For individuals with disabilities, these benefits are profound, offering a sense of control and expression often limited by their conditions.

Nature as a Canvas for Recovery:

The setting of North Stradbroke Island isn’t just a picturesque backdrop; it’s a therapeutic space. According to a study in Environmental Science & Technology, exposure to natural environments significantly reduces stress and enhances mood (Hartig et al., 2014). The act of painting in such an environment not only unleashes creativity but also connects the individual to the calming effects of nature.

Thing Adventures: Your Gateway to Therapeutic Exploration:

At Thing Adventures, we understand the transformative power of nature and creativity. Our services are tailored to help NDIS participants access these natural artistic havens, like North Stradbroke Island. Whether it’s transportation, guidance, or support, we’re here to ensure that every individual can experience the outdoors and engage in enriching activities like painting, seamlessly and safely.

The Journey Beyond Art:

Art therapy and interaction with nature aren’t just about creating beautiful artwork; they’re pathways to personal growth and healing. As noted in The Journal of Clinical Psychology, art therapy significantly improves self-esteem and reduces symptoms of depression (Gussak, 2007). By facilitating access to such therapeutic experiences, Thing Adventures isn’t just offering a service; we’re contributing to a journey of recovery and self-discovery.


The image of our NDIS participant painting on North Stradbroke Island is more than a snapshot of a day out; it’s a testament to the power of art therapy and the healing embrace of nature. At Thing Adventures, we’re committed to making such transformative experiences accessible to all NDIS participants. Join us in this journey of healing, creativity, and empowerment.

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