Certifications and Associations

(Jan 2024 update) NDIS audit completed for registered provider status.

Thing Adventures Pty Ltd has been recommended for a positive certification decision by auditing firm DNV. We completed a comprehensive two-stage certification audit by DNV in November 2023 and are now awaiting final approval by the NDIS for certification. Our dedicated team have been diligently working to align our operations with the industry's highest standards for NDIS service providers. Through this audit process, we aim to reinforce our policies and practices, underscoring our commitment to excellence in the disability services sector. Our goal is to emerge not just compliant, but exemplary, setting a gold standard for service in this vital industry.

Member of Brisbane Economic Development Agncy (BEDA)

Thing Adventures is proud to be a member of the Brisbane Economic Development Agency (BEDA). This affiliation aligns us with Brisbane's leading business network, enhancing our contribution to the city's vibrant economy and tourism sector, while ensuring we stay at the forefront of economic and developmental initiatives.

Member of Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC)

As a member of the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC), Thing Adventures is committed to excellence in tourism services. Our ATEC membership connects us to national and international markets, ensuring our tours and activities are recognised for their quality and appeal on a global scale.

Member of Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC)

Thing Adventures is an active member of the Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC). This membership signifies our dedication to quality domestic and international tourism experiences in Queensland, keeping us informed and influential in decisions that shape the future of tourism in our beautiful state.

Commercial Activity Permit (CAP) with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS)

Thing Adventures holds a Commercial Activity Permit (CAP) from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS). This permit is a testament to our commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism practices, allowing us to offer unique experiences in Queensland's pristine natural parks.

Licensed Inbound Tourism Operator (ITO) with Queensland Government

As a Licensed Inbound Tourism Operator (ITO) certified by the Queensland Government, Thing Adventures offers a reliable and quality-assured service to international visitors. Our license ensures we meet stringent standards, providing peace of mind to our guests from around the world.

Operator Accreditation (OA) with Queensland Transport and Main Roads (TMR)

Our Operator Accreditation with Queensland Transport and Main Roads (TMR) demonstrates Thing Adventures' adherence to high safety and operational standards in transport services. This accreditation ensures our guests enjoy not only adventurous but also safe and well-managed travel experiences.

Driver Authorisations (DA) for public passenger transport (all drivers)

All drivers at Thing Adventures hold Driver Authorisations (DA) for public passenger transport, ensuring that every journey with us is safe, professional, and compliant with Queensland's stringent transport regulations. This authorisation reflects our drivers' expertise and our commitment to passenger safety.

Commercially Registered 4WD Vehicles

At Thing Adventures, our off-road excursions are powered by our fleet of 4WD vehicles, each meticulously registered as a commercial public passenger vehicle with Queensland's Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR). This registration is a testament to our commitment to safety, compliance, and the highest standards of operational excellence, ensuring every journey with us is not just adventurous, but also secure and professionally managed.