• Wayne Crook

    As the Managing Director of Thing Adventures and founder of the Thing Group, Wayne Crook exemplifies visionary leadership and a deep commitment to fostering inclusive experiences in the disability and tourism sectors.

  • Frank Neri

    As a Director and Co-founder of Thing Adventures, Frank's leadership is characterised by his ability to foster teamwork and innovation, ensuring that each adventure and service offered not only meets but exceeds the expectations of participants.

  • Darran Muller

    As a Director and Co-founder of Thing Adventures, Darran infuses the company with his boundless enthusiasm for adventure and a creative flair that continually seeks out novel experiences for our participants.

  • Jules Neri

    As a Support Coordinator and Activity Leader at Thing Adventures, Jules excels in creating a supportive and inclusive environments, encouraging participants to express themselves and find a sense of community, ensuring each person feels valued and heard.

  • Levi Neri

    As an Adventure Specialist and Tour Leader at Thing Adventures, Levi Neri is dedicated to curating and leading extraordinary respite experiences. With a deep passion for exploration and adventure, Levi brings a dynamic energy to every journey.