Our story

Wayne Crook, Darran Muller, and Frank Neri, the close-knit trio behind Thing Adventures, share a bond nurtured over 22 years of working in diverse industries. But it's their shared affinity for the great outdoors and thirst for adventure that led to the creation of Thing Adventures in 2021.

The three founders were motivated by personal connections to the disability community to include all individuals in their love for adventure. Driven by firsthand experiences, particularly with Wayne's son, who has autism, they understand the unique challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and their families. Thing Adventures, however, stretches beyond this specific focus, evolving into a hub for all adventure enthusiasts, irrespective of their abilities or circumstances.

We offer a broad spectrum of outdoor adventures and tours, catering not only to the locals but also those visiting Queensland from interstate or from further afield such as Hong Kong. Our aim is to imbue every journey with a touch of 5-star luxury, whether our guests are traversing the rugged outback, reclining on unspoilt beaches, or soaking up the urban energy of Brisbane.

At Thing Adventures, we believe in curating experiences that are as meaningful as they are memorable. Our ventures aim to stimulate personal growth and an adventurous spirit, while prioritising the safety and comfort of our clients. The essence of our commitment lies in providing exceptional service, with an unwavering attention to detail across every facet of our business.