What participants are saying...


"Just recently I participated in a Thing Adventures respite/STA located on Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island). The aim of the game was for me to de-stress and immerse myself in nature.

This is what I got to experience.

Superb, super-friendly support workers – nothing was too much trouble for them to accommodate my needs with the right amount of activity balanced with down time.

Nature in abundance – We saw mum and bub kangaroos and koalas, a variety of birdlife, including pelicans that lined up posing, begging to be photographed!

Never-ending, everchanging landscapes to explore and photograph.

Adventure everyday – four-wheel-driving along pristine beaches, swimming in deserted lakes, skimming along in a tinnie [boat] with the wind in your hair and stopping along the way to spearfish and sight stingrays and turtles, hiking up a sand dune to spectacular views of Moreton Bay and surrounding bushland and walking around North Gorge to gorgeous seascapes.

Great company – We met as strangers, laughed everyday and left as friends.

So many highlights but the best one would have to be a wild dolphin that frequented the water in front of our accommodation almost nightly whilst we sat around a fire pit!

Mission accomplished – went home de-stressed and full of wonderful memories!!"

- November 2023 Minjerribah Respite


I must say, after letting those 4 days soak in, I’m in complete awe of the trip we had! Thanks to those who made those four days magic! We didn’t catch any fish but it was sure fun giving it a go again!  If anyone is curious about giving Thing Adventures a go then let these guys and gals take you on a rewarding adventure...
sunburn not included 😅

- Minjerribah Camping Respite 2023


"I love being taken for a drive down the beach with music on and stopping to meet and chat to the other fisherman along the way."

- November 2023 Minjerribah Respite