NDIS Respite and STA Getaways

Experience a fresh take on NDIS respite and Short-Term Accommodation (STA) with our customisable respite experiences, designed to cater to the unique needs and preferences of each individual. These experiences provide parents and caregivers a period of much-needed respite while ensuring an enriching, friendly, and dignifying environment for the participant.

Respite should never feel clinical or cold, and we're committed to redefining the concept, turning it into a person-centred, enjoyable experience that leaves no room for an anxiety-provoking experience but instead nurtures positive memories. That's where we come in.

No two respite experiences are ever really the same; our customisable respite experiences can include a wide range of settings. From serene beach locations to peaceful country landscapes, the choice is yours or your loved one's. Accommodation options are equally diverse and flexible, ranging from comfortable homes or hotels to the more adventurous choice of camping by a beach or a creek. Each detail is handpicked according to the participant's desires and needs.

Whether you're interested in beach exploring, photography, painting, camping under the stars, or simply basking in nature's tranquillity, we'll craft an itinerary that matches your interests. We also take care of logistics like accommodations, meals, and transportation, and provide qualified staff for support throughout your stay.

Our trained drivers and staff are passionate about creating unforgettable experiences and are adept at navigating various environments. We manage all the details so you can focus on rest, rejuvenation, connection with nature, and the creation of precious memories.

Customisable to any location in Queensland or across Australia, our respite experiences are designed to meet your needs and fit within the NDIS budget parameters. Contact us today to start planning your respite experience!