A Harmonious Path to Well-being

Starting February 2024, Thing Adventures proudly introduces the Rhythm2Recovery program, facilitated by Jules Neri. This unique program blends rhythmic musical activities with cognitive reflection to enhance emotional regulation, social skills, and overall mental health.

Rhythm2Recovery is grounded in neuroscience and incorporates therapeutic practices like cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness, making it a powerful tool for personal growth.

Whether you are an NDIS participant looking to explore new ways of healing or a support coordinator seeking innovative programs for clients, Rhythm2Recovery offers a transformative experience.

Our sessions are designed to be inclusive, engaging, and uplifting, catering to individuals with diverse needs. Join us in this melodious journey towards resilience, improved social connections, and self-discovery.

Expressions of Interest Now Open

We invite NDIS participants and support coordinators to express their interest in this enriching program by clicking on the link below.

  • Jules Neri

    Jules is an accredited facilitator of the Rhythm2Recovery program and excels in creating supportive and inclusive environments, encouraging participants to express themselves and find a sense of community, ensuring each person feels valued and heard.